Edinburgh Nightline is entirely run by student volunteers. We have a range of roles within, and around, supporting our service, from our listening volunteers, to our fundraising and publicity volunteers. All of our volunteers are supported by each other, and we’ve formed a great support network. All we need from our volunteers is enthusiasm and an understanding of our service, which you can find out more about through this page.

Have a look at our video to hear a little more about what being a listening volunteer means to some of us. As part of our principle of anonymity, our listening volunteers must keep their involvement with Nightline secret, and so this video was created with the help of our wonderful sister society – Friends of Nightline. They manage all of our publicity and fundraising, and are the people you may see, along with our public faces, at events and stalls across the campuses.

Click on the links below to find out more about how you can get involved in Nightline – whether it be through becoming a Listening Volunteer, or through supporting us with Friends of Nightline. Whatever you want to do, we really appreciate any and all the support and love we get!

Listening Volunteers
Friends of Nightline