Meet the Team

The vast majority of our volunteers are anonymous, both for the benefit of our callers and for the welfare of our volunteers. So, who exactly are we? Edinburgh Nightline is made up of around 100 student volunteers from Edinburgh’s five higher education institutions. Our volunteers are all from different disciplines and are in various years of both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Seven of our committee are what we call public faces. Due to the nature of their work with us they must be able to speak publicly as representatives of Edinburgh Nightline. During the volunteer’s time in this position they don’t take calls. The six positions fall across three roles: the Coordinator, the Publicity and Networking Coordinators, and the Minority Officer.

The Coordinator role involves overseeing the whole of the committee and society overall. Coordinators are responsible for chairing meetings, managing committee relations, maintaining communication with EUSA and Edinburgh University, liaising with the National Association, and generally keeping up and working to improve the service that we provide. This role often involves individual projects that change depending on the current needs of Nightline and what the coordinators themselves feel would be a impactful step forward.
Celine is going into her fourth year of History and Politics at the University of Edinburgh. She’s from Germany, and if she’s not drowning in readings for uni, she loves to explore Edinburgh with her camera, workout or cook exorbitant amounts of food.
Liv is a Sociology student going into her final year at the University of Edinburgh. She loves mayonnaise and her favourite flowers are daffodils. A fun fact about her is that she once put her entire face in a chocolate fountain.


The Publicity and Networking Coordinators oversee relations between Nightline and the academic institutions of Edinburgh that are not Edinburgh University. Their aim is to make Nightline visible in their campuses through stalls, advertising and events. They publicise our amazing service across Edinburgh! This involves distributing publicity materials such as stickers, posters, flyers and postcards, reaching out to organisations and collaborating with different societies. They also liaise with the society ‘Friends of Nightline’.
Sydney is in her fourth year of law at the University of Edinburgh. She’s from Colorado and grew up in the Rocky Mountains. Ask her about her family’s chickens, she has hours worth of stories.
If you look out for Phoebe, you will usually find her doing one of two things: Swing Dancing or drinking too much coffee, and sometimes both at the same time. When not occupied with one of these, Phoebe can sometimes be found studying for her degree in Mathematical Physics.
Rachel is in her third year of study as a Sociology and Social Anthropology student at the University of Edinburgh. She was born and raised in Hong Kong, although her cartoonishly American accent may suggest otherwise. Minority issues, pop culture references, and making “huzzah” happen are just a few things among many that keep her up at night.
Debora is a Theoretical Physics student at the University of Edinburgh, in her final year. She grew up in Germany and moved to Edinburgh to live in a city full of buildings looking like Hogwarts. She enjoys cooking and baking, especially if it involves hours of decorating cakes with sugary flowers. If you can’t find her in JCMB, she’s most likely reading a book or trying to get her flatmates to try the food she just made 
The Minority Officer is our port of call for all minorities issues, both internally and externally. Their role is to help us understand and adapt the way we do things to make sure we’re never excluding anybody. Our Minority Officer is here to represent minorities, but never to speak for everyone. They’ll be working closely with our entire committee, and our entire society, to make sure that everyone feels seen and heard. 
Sangavi is a second year at the University of Edinburgh; she moved here from London to study Social Anthropology and doesn’t have plans to ever move back. She enjoys photography, reading and experimenting with colourful eyeliner. You can usually find her somewhere doing something, which will immediately be dropped if you offer baked goods.