Meet the Team

The vast majority of our volunteers are anonymous, both for the benefit of our callers and for the welfare of our volunteers. So, who exactly are we? Edinburgh Nightline is made up of around 100 student volunteers from all four universities in Edinburgh, from various disciplines and various years, both undergraduate and postgraduate.

Six of our committee are what we call public faces. Due to the nature of their work with us they must be able to speak publicly as a representative of Edinburgh Nightline. During the volunteer’s time in this position they don’t take calls. The six positions fall across three roles: Coordinator, Networking Coordinator, and Publicity, Fundraising & Events Coordinator.

The Coordinator role involves overseeing the whole of the committee and society overall. Coordinators are responsible for chairing meetings, managing committee relations, maintaining communication with EUSA and Edinburgh University, liaising with the National Association, and generally keeping up and working to improve the service that we provide. This role often involves individual projects that change depending on the current needs of Nightline and what the coordinators themselves feel would be a impactful step forward.
Emma is a Politics student at the University of Edinburgh, going into her final year. She was born in Oslo, Norway, to American and Norwegian parents, and has lived and studied in 4 different countries before moving to Edinburgh. This has resulted in her constantly being slightly culturally confused. When she is not studying in Teviot, Emma enjoys knitting and stress-cooking food for her friends.
Hannah is a fourth year Philosophy & English Literature student at the University of Edinburgh. She is a self-confessed cat lady who enjoys singing in the shower, reading mindfulness books surrounded by scented candles, and trying to knit as well as Emma. If you can’t find her in one of Edinburgh’s many cafés, she’s most likely to be embracing her love of Scotland and adventuring in the Highlands!


Networking Coordinators oversee relations between Nightline and the academic institutions of Edinburgh that are not Edinburgh University. Their aim is to make Nightline visible in their campuses through stalls, advertising and events.
Deniz is a third year History & History of Art student at the University of Edinburgh. She was born and raised in Istanbul. She likes singing and cooking (often doing both at the same time), and is also a fan of Gothic literature, horror films, and cats.
Georgia is a third-year student studying Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. Georgia loves cheese and cheesy jokes. Here is one of her favourites to lighten up your day; what does the cheese say to himself in the mirror? Halloumi!


The Publicity & Fundraising Coordinators publicise our amazing service across Edinburgh! This involves distributing publicity materials such as stickers, posters, flyers and postcards, reaching out to organisations and collaborating with different societies.  They also liaise with the society “Friends of Nightline”.
Katerina is a Biological Sciences student, going into third year. Brought up in Greece, she’s bubbly, gets easily excited (especially over books or fluffy, squishy things) and never let’s her questionable sense of humour get her down. You’ll probably spot her munching on something and trying to convince her friends to take a bite too.
Cat is going into her second year of Psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She grew up in the legendary Glasgow and moved to the big Capital, Edinburgh to live the Uni Dream. She spends most of her time doing art work, listening to music, water sports and procrastinating. #unilife