Meet the Team

The vast majority of our volunteers are anonymous, both for the benefit of our callers and for the welfare of our volunteers. So, who exactly are we? Edinburgh Nightline is made up of around 100 student volunteers from all four universities in Edinburgh, from various disciplines and various years, both undergraduate and postgraduate.

Six of our committee are what we call public faces. Due to the nature of their work with us they must be able to speak publicly as a representative of Edinburgh Nightline. During the volunteer’s time in this position they don’t take calls. The six positions fall across three roles: Coordinator, Networking Coordinator, and Publicity, Fundraising & Events Coordinator.

The Coordinator role involves overseeing the whole of the committee and society overall. Coordinators are responsible for chairing meetings, managing committee relations, maintaining communication with EUSA and Edinburgh University, liaising with the National Association, and generally keeping up and working to improve the service that we provide. This role often involves individual projects that change depending on the current needs of Nightline and what the coordinators themselves feel would be a impactful step forward.
Shona is a a medical student going into her fourth year. Born in Belfast but brought up in Aberdeen, don’t let Shona’s Indian roots fool you: she can’t hack spicy food. Her chief interests include Grey’s Anatomy (you’d think she’d know better), procrastination by Buzzfeed quiz and trying to force her questionable music choices on her friends.
Isy is a Social Anthropology student going into her final year at the University of Edinburgh. She was born in South Africa and raised in Lancashire. She loves looking after her ferns, listening to excessive amounts of Craig David and lying in the sun when it’s unbearably hot.











Networking Coordinators oversee relations between Nightline and the academic institutions of Edinburgh that are not Edinburgh University. Their aim is to make Nightline visible in their campuses through stalls, advertising and events.
Marc is a final year Adult Nursing student at Edinburgh Napier University. He is a short Scottish guy obsessed with RuPaul, politics and driving down country lanes in his car with some good old 90’s tunes.
Sophie is a third year Economics and Politics student at the University of Edinburgh from Scotland, she has an obsession with coffee, enjoys travelling and watching Louis Theroux documentaries.











The Publicity & Fundraising Coordinators publicise our amazing service across Edinburgh! This involves distributing publicity materials such as stickers, posters, flyers and postcards, reaching out to organisations and collaborating with different societies.  They also act as the coordinators of “Friends of Nightline”.
Liv is studying Sociology in her second year at the University of Edinburgh. She’s most likely to be found making banana bread, eating pasta or watching Mamma Mia. Her favourite animal is a sloth.
Angus is a final year Law student at the University of Edinburgh. He will stop you mid-conversation to tell you that he spotted a dog on the Meadows, and gets excited when he gets to pet his friends’ cat. Till this day, he still wonders why Edinburgh snows in March.